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Re: Abbreviated States on Invoice - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Abbreviated States on Invoice

When generating invoices the full state name is used instead of an abbreviation.  We would like to have the option to use the abbreviated state name.  So for example, instead of Massachusetts it would show "MA".

We currently have to manually adjust this which is a pain and a huge mess for our auditors as it shows we have manually adjusted an invoice (a big accounting no no).

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

From our Zuora CSM


Use Word's DOCPROPERTY as a lookup table to map the state names to their abbreviations.


Merge field code:

{ IF "{ DOCPROPERTY "DP_{ MERGEFIELD BillToContact.State }" }" <> "Error!*" "{ DOCPROPERTY "DP_{ MERGEFIELD BillToContact.State }" }" "{ MERGEFIELD BillToContact.State }" }


IF conditionals are needed in order to ensure that you won’t have any messages showing: “Error! Unknown document property name.

Instead, the non-two-letter BillToContact.State will be displayed.



File >  Properties > Custom



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Status changed to: Unlikely

This can be implemented directly in the template using MS mail merge features. We are unlikely to address this in the core product.