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Downloading the Revenue Detail Report

Where can I find a detailed revenue report? I'm not finding what I need in the reporting section. 

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Re: Downloading the Revenue Detail Report

Revenue can be a tricky topic to report on, especially as when looking at deferred revenue over any period of time. This report is called the "REVENUE DETAIL REPORT" and it's a look back once an accounting period has closed. You can count on this to run your business financials month-to-month. These numbers are based on your closed accounting periods so they’re firm and unchanging.


Although this is a report that you can run, it’s not found in the reporting section. Since it’s based on your accounting periods, it’s actually found in:

Finance Menu Group > AccountingSection. 

I recommend only doing this with a closed accounting period.



Select the accounting period and scroll down to the REVENUE section which is at the very bottom of the report. There is a button here with very little pomp and circumstance around it but to click it gives you access to one of the most important and powerful standard reports on the Zuora platform.



When you click the DOWNLOAD REVENUE DETAIL button, you can choose to download the report either as an XLSX or CSV file. In this example, I've downloaded this report as an Excel file, so I see my revenue accounts broken out into separate tabs. It’s kind of nice to have them separated like this, but if you choose to download this report as a CSV, all these accounts will be collapsed into a single CSV spreadsheet. 




Once you have this report open, you may notice that this is a very detailed report. It will have all the accounting period’s invoice line items and amounts, dates, invoice numbers, revenue schedules, and accounting codes for deferred and recognized revenue. At first glance, this report is bit busy and overwhelming. So I have done some formatting adjustments to make it clearer for this example.


I haven’t changed anything but formatting and you can view by the customer, product, rate plan, etc. But you can also view revenue that was recognized PRIOR to this accounting period (I made this green), recognized revenue from THIS accounting period (in yellow), and revenue recognized AFTER this accounting period (shown in red), and then shown in blue you can see the deferred revenue by future accounting periods. In this example, if you have any deferred revenue to be distributed past your last defined accounting period, then that revenue will be dumped into the column called OPEN-ENDED until you define accounting periods further out.

This is a great way to look at your deferred revenue and I hope it becomes a report that you use regularly.

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Re: Downloading the Revenue Detail Report

Is there a way to add a payment method column (i.e. Credit Card, PayPal, etc) to the Revenue Detail Report exported from Accounting Periods?

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Re: Downloading the Revenue Detail Report

Unfortunately, that report can't be edited to include any additional information. i.e. it's downloadable as is. 


The best move would be to generate a report that includes the payment info that you need and then combine it together with your Revenue Detail Report in excel. 


Just in case, here's an article on how to customize reports

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Re: Downloading the Revenue Detail Report

Accounting Period 'Revenue Detail Report' is taking a very long (download + opening). 

Current file size: 148MB (excel format), 4 minutes, 415MB (csv format), 10minutes
Opening the file on PC via Excel is also taking a long time. 600K+ rows for the deferred revenue tab.
There is a large file optimization option documented in Knowledge Centre but that is when the file exceeds 2047MB. Even if the size is reduced the number of rows will not. 
Do you know how our other customers are handling large Revenue Detail Report files?