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Re: Amendment Detail Report


Amendment Detail Report

What datasource would I use to pull in amendment detail such as the original charge information vs the updated charge information? I need a report which lists the original and updated unit price, quantity, and total. 

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Re: Amendment Detail Report

Zuora currently don't support a single Data Source that would return ALL types of amendments with their corresponding pricing information. This is because we store some amendments at the Subscription Level and others at the Rate Plan Charge Level. Subscription Level Amendments include Renewal, Cancellation, OwnerTransfer, and Terms and Conditions Amendments, while other type of Amendments, such as New Product, Remove Product, and Update Product Amendments are Rate Plan Charge Level Amendments. Consequently, there's no way to pull price information from various amended subscription types from a single source. The workaround would be to pull the Amendments from both sources then aggregate the data via Excel. 

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