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Re: [Urgent] Email Notifications for net terms

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[Urgent] Email Notifications for net terms

Support is not being of any assistance and taking there very sweet time on my support ticket I put in last Friday! Support continues to do the bare mininum when replying each day. First it was "I don't understand" then it was them restating my summary to confirm if that was what I was asking (using my exact wording) then it was confirm your tenant (even though I provided it in the support ticket and provided a link to the example in my tenant below)! At this point I have no hope that support will even have a solution for my issue in the next month. I have a deadline I need to meet and testing for this issue days at least 1 day. They have wasted 5 days of testing time so far and have yet to move my issue to critical like I requested.I have outlined my issue below. Thank you to all who read and comment. 


In short my company is wanting to use Zuora to deliver (on-demand type) past due emails using communication profiles > Notifications > Events. During testing I am unable to make an email send by the next morning at 4:15am PST when I have net terms/the account level bill date is not the I changed the communication profile. Example: If I go into my tenant and chose:  The account name: Enterprise Email Profile - Test with Terms (link provided to the tenant and example I am using) > went down to billing and payment info > edit> Changed the communication profile to Demand Letter Email
Result should be that I receive an email communication tomorrow morning that has Dangerous Communication in it. 
Actual Result: No email sent.
Furthermore, if you look into my tenant under Settings > Billing > Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates > View Profile: Demand Letter Email 
You will see that I have started setting up notification using the event Invoice Due with the Event Parameter Notification Delivery Day X Day(s) after Invoice DUE Date. 
Meaning these emails should be triggered off the invoice due date rather than the account level billing date which is currently triggering off of, therefore not sending an email with an account that has net terms set to it. 
Let me know if that makes a little more sense. 
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Re: [Urgent] Email Notifications for net terms

Hi cjamerson,

Sincere apologies for the frustration and overall delay you have experienced in this instance.


Your issue is currently being investigated by our Notifications Subject Matter Expert with utmost priority.


An update has been provided within the ticket, which will be used for correspondence going forward.





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Re: [Urgent] Email Notifications for net terms

Viktor was amazing in my video chat session! After he reviewed everything with me, we deemed that it was an error on my part. (Yippy, so relieved about this) So we have it set to the correct profile now and will wait until after 4:15am PST to confirm if an email is sent. 

I greatly appreciate the Daniel stepping up as a manager and getting a SME to review this issue with me. Kudo's to both Daniel and Viktor.