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Re: Mass Update User Account

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Mass Update User Account

Is it possible to update user account?  My requirement is that I have SSO enabled in my account.  I have to check the SSO checkbox in the user account for 100+ users.


Re: Mass Update User Account

There is not currently a user facing API to mass update the users in Zuora. If you have a significant number of users to change you might open a case and see if they have the ability to help from the admin side.


Re: Mass Update User Account

Such a mass update for user accounts would also be useful after a PCE refresh. Could reset all users' passwords with one upload rather than doing them one at a time

- Jeff
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Re: Mass Update User Account



Is this something that you inside Zuora are considering? This would be very helpful for Visma also, because we will need to do a clean up in the user roles and now that we have Workflows, we will need to update a lot of user accesses, so doing it through mass update would be great.


Thank you!