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Adding/Changing Roles to Users in Multiple Entities

We are a client with many entities along with Customized roles. If we add users or need to change their roles in the parent entity and then have to add/change them in the other entities we have to do them one by one in each entity.  All new users are defaulted to the Zuora Standard roles vs. the roles we apply in the parent entity.  With our Company having more than 20 entities and 20 plus more coming this makes setting us or updating users much more time consuming.  Is there any option on the roadmap to address that when a user is changed/added in the Parent Entity you can click a box and say update roles in all entities?




Re: Adding/Changing Roles to Users in Multiple Entities

Hi @marcielaux, i am assuming that you are on Enterprise Edition because that would be a whole lot of logins if you have multiple tenants.  Am I correct in my thinking?


Re: Adding/Changing Roles to Users in Multiple Entities

@rjohnson - You are correct. We have muliple tenants now and more on the way. Each tenant requires the effort to go into every entity and update user roles per entity because we have custom roles. Even utilizing the SST for new users it's still very time consuming when we have developers who access all entities in multiple tenants especially if they require a change in what was originally provisioned via the SST.

Steps you have to take today to update a user's role:

  1. Log into the Zuora tenant
  2. Go to Administration at the parent level
  3. Go to User Administration
  4. Search and find the user
  5. Validate Entities are correct
  6. Update any changes needed at the parent level and save it
  7. Go to the next entity
  8. Go to Admininstration
  9. Go to User Admin
  10. Open the user (after you search for them)
  11. Update the user roles/permissions
  12. Click save
  13. Repeat steps 6-11 for each entity
  14. Go to the next tenant you have to update and start all over again.

It would be very helpful if we had these options:

  1. If you change a user's permissions/roles in the parent company you can choose to have it update all entities and not have to manually go into each one to change them.
  2. If you are sitting up a new user that you have the option to give them the same permissions to all entities at once vs. manually updating each entity with their custom role.

There is a huge resource burden on provisioning/updating users with a multi-entity solution.


Re: Adding/Changing Roles to Users in Multiple Entities

@marcielaux I do not know of anyway around this, but it is a great piece of feedback on the enterprise edition for the Zuora developers.  I would love to post it in the ideas section of the community as that is reveiwed frequently and other enterprise users may be experiencing the same issue.  Would you like me to post it there or would you like to do so incase they have any additional questions?


Re: Adding/Changing Roles to Users in Multiple Entities

@rjohnson - Feel free to post wherever is appropriate Smiley Happy