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Re: Add users API

@kurtlu - While I can appreciate you asking why a Company would have 500 users in Zuora I really don't think it matters. This is an open item that Zuora has committed to working on for a long time and even if it's 50 users it's still a ton of work for admins especially for companies with multiple entities and tenants. I'd also like to see some options for changing existing users besides the manual option. I have put some suggestions in the ideas area of the community about this. It's a huge resource drain for us every time there is a refresh in a lower environment. Production does not have the same users as a Dev or QA tenant for us so using a PCE (the only Prod data copy we can get) brings over the wrong users for us.

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Re: Add users API

@marcielaux Completely understand your stance and I agree that it doesn't matter in the context of product design and scalability, but business scenarios help us understand the order of magnitude of needs more and helps give us context when prioritizing.  No need to provide any additional context.


I also understand the issues with user management with PCEs.  We have a story around configuring a data refresh to ignore users so that our admins can maintain their existing test users, but there are a a number of projects for test environments we need to complete before this feature, so it's on the backlog.