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Add the same Rate Plan to every quote



My organization has a support product that we've defaulted to every quote upon creation when using other tools. Is this possible in Zuora?



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Re: Add the same Rate Plan to every quote

@Brendan_Cox if you are using Zuora Quotes for Salesforce then you can use the rules engine to automatically add products to the quote. Rules are based on simple sets of criteria combined with actions for this use case you could do the following:



If Quote does not contain Support Plan Product


Add Product - Support Plan


The way you generally check if a quote has a particular plan is to do whats called a Roll up which can count plans that match a certain condition. So it works out that "If the number of plans on the quote that match the criteria for Support Plan is greater than or equal to 1, do these actions"

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Re: Add the same Rate Plan to every quote

@feisley that's very helpful, thank you! what is the best way to access the Rules Engine, does it live in the Zuora UI or in the Salesforce environment? Apologies for the very basic question.


Re: Add the same Rate Plan to every quote

@Brendan_Cox assuming you are on a recent version of Quotes it is included in the Salesforce interface. You will first need to make sure the rules engine is enabled in the Zuora Config -> Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings


Then you can go to the Rules tab in Salesforce and you will be able to add a new rule there.


Here is the full documentation for Rules Engine: