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API Sandbox reset


Is there any way to reset an API sandbox to a clean state.

Also is there a way to get more than one API sandbox provisioned?  We're likely to have multiple developers doing stuff again the API so it would be nice to have more than one so teams don't trample each other.



Re: API Sandbox reset

Hey Nigel,


I believe we can. I've asked for the same in the past and it's not a standard request/process. You would also have to reconfigure it manually unless you leverage developer tools.


check out the different types of environments available.

- Jeff

Re: API Sandbox reset

thanks - i will put in a support ticket Smiley Happy


Re: API Sandbox reset

@dixitarjun No - we did delete all the accounts, subscriptions etc. at one time and that gets it most of the way back to clean. I think we'll do that again soon as we're moving from prototyping/testing to actual implementation, but whether it can be done now we how so much (test) data in I don't know.



Re: API Sandbox reset

I have been trying to solution the same....my product ID's wont necessarily match the ones in prod but I am thinking that might be the way to go without having to purchase the developer tools.

Zuora Support Moderator

Re: API Sandbox reset

 @josemark - there is!


To disable the password expiration, do the following:

  • Log in as an administrator account
  • Click on your name and go to "Administration" settings
  • Click on "Security Policies"
  • Change the "Password Expiration" to "Never"



Now, having shared this, I'm going to have to state the usual disclaimers. It is recommended that you still change your password on a regular basis for general security purposes. Should your sandbox be compromised, there is no way the Zuora team would be able to recover any lost information you've done in the course of testing.


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