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Re: Zuora's Tenant Refresh Process

Zuora's Tenant Refresh Process

If I am not mistaken, when a Production Copy is done, all production data is copied.  However, in the PCE, the Orders UI and the RevPro is not available.


On the other hand, in the API sandbox environment, the Orders UI and RevPro is available, however, there is no Production data.


So, how is one suppose to perform functional testing that exactly mirrors Production?


It would be nice to have PCE with all functionality available.





Zuora Staff

Hi Kevin,


We recenly release a new version of productionn copy environments that supports more features, including Order UI, RevPro integration, and several new platform features.  It still has some limitations, and customers can be provisioned up to 1 enhanced production copy.  Feel free to reach out to support or your account manager for more information: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/BB_Introducing_Z_Business/D_Zuora_Environments


Hello Kurt,


I have to agree with Kevin here...  and this is something that you have heard repeatedly from customers and was discussed at length with Robert Lin during Subscribed 2016 as we sat down at the testing table during lunch.

The inability of Zuora to provide a true production copy with fundamental features like reporting that we use heavily for testing and validation means PCE's are mostly useless.  If I can't run workflows to test them during development cycles why would I want a PCE.

Also you're linking to a page that does not have any updates about changes to PCE (or ePCEs).  If the team is releasing new features... please please please please put it in Release Notes or update your webpages to be accurate to current offerings.

Kind regards.