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Re: System (Tenant) Level Custom Fields

System (Tenant) Level Custom Fields



With advance configuration, invoice complexity and workflow base extnesion I think we should have an option to define custom field at Tenant Level. This will help at various level i..e. invoice enhancement, batch process and workflow enhancemnet. 




Zuora Staff
Zuora Staff

Hi Chirag,

Can you provide more details on the use case you had in mind?  Perhaps you can come up with an example of how you would use this feature.





Valued Scholar

Hi Chi,


Example : 1

I can create set of field value which are common for certain type of customer i.e. Cutomer with "x" payment mething must follow certain rules. I can define those rule in generic system level table and then can use from workflow to take decison or get other set of value to use further in workflow. 


Example : 2


I can define set of field value which then can be used as free Text in Invoice so i don't have to keep managing that text in word docuemnt.


Example : 3

This is more on CPQ side but in certain case I can even define proudct level rule or relationship so i can take a decion in CPQ side proived we will also sync the system level table to salesforce. 




Zuora Product Team

Hi Chirag, 

I'm happy to report that it sounds like most of these use cases can be solved using Custom Objects -- LA release is upcoming this Winter.
For the first use case, you can store the rule criteria and values in a custom object and then query for it during Workflow execution to make a decision or use in downstream processing.  
The second use case can be solved using Custom Objects and a new Workflow feature called Custom Invoices / Documents -- also being released this Winter. You can store the reference data in a custom object, and then access it from Workflow to build a custom invoice or document. In a subsequent release, we will also support adding custom object data to Invoice Templates. 
And the last use case may also be supported, and I will follow up on how we can support it. 
Valued Scholar

Thank you Apurva for the update. Will wait for customer object feature. On Last use case you can add upgrade/downgrade scenaro which can be desing in custome object as what product are permissiable for upgrade or downgrade which then can be use in CPQ to fliter it out.