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I think it would be a great idea to allow the ability to create/read/update users in Zuora via the REST apis. Is this something that is being prioritzed at this point?



 @lukasz "When you say "paved over by a refresh from one of our sandboxes", are you referring to our PCE environments (i.e. Services)? Because if so, then all users and permitions already get copied over in that process." - that's actually the problem. I'm sure that @cthilgen is having the same issue we are. We develop in our PCEs, and in those environments, our developers need elevated permissions. We have a dozen developers, so they have accounts created in Production so that the accounts automatically go over to Services. In production, those users are deactivated and have permissions set as low as they can possibly be set - because audit requirements dictate that developers can't push their own code or make changes to production environments. So, after the devs have all been given elevated access in Services so they can work, the next refresh overwrites all those permissions with the locked down permissions in Production. 


Any update on this idea? Our usecase is for downstream reporting today we have lot of reports based on exports from various data sources which have updatedbyid but we have no way to link it to an actual user without manually exporting from UI which is not ideal as rest all feeds are automated via AQuA APIs. Would very much like to quickly enable this export over AQuA APIs at earliest.