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Re: PaymentMethod Created callout notification

PaymentMethod Created callout notification

There is no callout notification that is triggered when creating a *new* PaymentMethod. Furthermore, creating a new PaymentMethod does not seem to trigger ANY of the available callout notifications, even as a coincidental side effect.


This creates a big gap in our custom integration. Customers create and update their credit card info in the browser, which talks directly to Zuora. For new subscriptions, we can use a callout notification, which means we do not have to rely on the browser to tell our app what the result of the APi call was (the browser could terminate, be flaky, etc.). Using the browser as an intermediary here is not reliable. 


But when someone updates their credit card (again, in their browser using the Zuora REST API), we are creating a new PaymentMethod. We need a callout notification here. 

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon

@alexboster, what's your use case for tracking this? Usually, creation of a new Payment Method is part of a larger flow that leads to settling out an outstanding invoice, either immediately, by customer action, or by a Payment Run (in cases of electronic payment methods) that should be run at least daily.


Regardless, we will have the capability to create new Events shortly (please see CRUD Callout by Object idea as well).

Senior Tutor

So our app is a self-service, self-signup system that is being integrated with Zuora. We will not be using Zuora hosted pay pages. 


Users may update their credit cards at any time, totally independently from any other action in the system. We also want to be able to display the user's current last 4, etc. We had been planning to have the microservice that is going to talk to Zuora receive a NewPaymentMethod callout notification and store the last4 and other PCI-compliance-safe info for display purposes.


Yes, if the call in the browser succeeds, we can have the browser send that info to the app which can then forward it to the microservice, but:

1) Relying on the browser is not reliable, and 

2) If the call to Zuora times out, we are left in an unknown state: we do not know if the new payment method was created or not (callouts get around this problem nicely)

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Everyone, so I'm pleased to announce that we're officially in LA with this feature! If you're still interested, please create a Zuora Support ticket. In it, please detail out your specific use case and volume of notifications expected to be sent per day.


Looking forward to getting you feedback about the feature!