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Re: No dummy "ar@..." user when creating a sandbox or production tenants

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No dummy "ar@..." user when creating a sandbox or production tenants

When a new Zuora tenant is created a couple of users are always created. Can Zuora stop making unnecessary/unusable/risky ar@... user accounts for "accounts receivables" on all the sandboxes and production tenants?

On all implementations of zuora I always see this account and I have never seen a customer who really has this email address.

It is not possible to deactivate it, because you can not activate. Changing the emailaddress is also not possible, because the emailaddress typically does not exist. 


More in general:

In Zuora every user gets his/her personal login: this is great for tracking and tracing who did what action. Having a generic "accounts receivables" user is not advisable due to security/logging issues.



Zuora Support

@alexanderdemes This email is a part of the tenant creation so we cannot remove it. An admin should be able to take over the login by changing its email to his or her.

Yes: this is precisely the request: please remove auto creation of ar@.. from tenant creation. 

An admin can not take over the login and deactivate: because it will be pending forever: a change of email needs to be confirmed by the "not existant" email recipient.