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Re: Extract Cards and DataSet with API rest or Workflow

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Extract Cards and DataSet with API rest or Workflow


It would be interesting that Zuora Analytics has the ability to extract the Cards and Dataset in an automatic way such as an API Rest or Workflow. Thanks!

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi Susana,


Thank you for sharing this idea! I can imagine how value this could be and is something we will consider for Analytics.


If you have a chance to reply, I am curious to learn what particular uses you had in mind if we were to surface this data via API or in Workflow.


Thank you!



Kevin Suer | Zuora Product Management, Analytics



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for taking into account the idea.

It would be great to have this functionality since we need to cross the Zoura Metrics with other systems like Amplitude for example in our data warehouse.

Not having this functionality entails developing the metric from scratch in the data warehouse.

Kind regards!


Savvy Scholar



This would be interesting for us as well. To have these metrics in our data warehouse instead of having to compute the metrics our self (which potentially can create deviations from the Zuora Analytics calculation).

So potentially one could see 1 figure in Analytics and another in Tableau/Power BI (or other BI visualization tools we are using) if the calculations are done slightly different from each other. 


Looking forward to it 🙂