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Re: Customazation of page layouts in Zuora

Customazation of page layouts in Zuora

It should be possible to rearrange page layouts in Zuora for the different objects. Similar to the page layout functionality you find in Salesforce. This way you can create/add custom fields and show those fields where you would like on the Objects.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is an interesting idea, @CecilieS, could you provide more detail on what type of customization you'd like to be able to do?


Sorry for late feedback.


You have created a custom field on your subscription object - t.ex reason for a cancellation.

This field/information you want to present higher up and has more relevance to you than other fields that are on the subscription object. Some fields on the object may also be excess or empty and you would like the possibility maybe hide or delete those fields??



@lukasz Is there any update on this idea?  It would be nice to have some ability to modify what information is displayed.  Does Zuora have any plans for allowing the customer to modify any of the UI pages?


Ability to change what columns are shown would be super useful.  e.g. on the Invoice page you can only see the Charge Name which is only 1/3rd of the useful information which is Product Name->Rate Plan Name->Charge Name