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Create callout notification for changes to Contact and Account objects

Create callout notification for changes to Contact and Account objects

We want to keep the data in the Contact and Account objects synchronized with our internal CRM system.  It would be very helpful if we could be notified via the callout mechanism when fields change on the Contact or Account objects.


Hi @lukasz I'll echo @feisley's comments.  Depending on the type of feature we likely wouldn't want to risk breaking our production environment but one of our sandbox environments possibly could be used for this as long as we have the ability to opt-in to the new features.  Follow up with me via email if you'd like to discuss more.  Thanks.

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Hello @lukasz is this feature available in LA yet?


Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Everyone, so I'm pleased to announce that we're officially in LA with this feature! If you're still interested, please create a Zuora Support ticket. In it, please detail out your specific use case and volume of notifications expected to be sent per day.


Looking forward to getting you feedback about the feature!

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Could you use this to "replicate" the existing/legacy "upcoming renewal" notifications but only for some subscriptions (depending on some subscription level custom field)?


I guess not, but would rather have others' ideas!



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@Emmanuel, not quite, as the current functionality doesn't include an ability to schedule notifications to be sent on a particular date, say x days before the subscription term end date. We're working on adding that in the future!

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Is this functionality still in LA or is it GA (generally available)?


In addition: Here and there in the community I can find traces of wishes and promises regarding call-outs on all relevant objects, account/subscriptions/contacts being the most interresting and implemented, but it would be really nice to have call-outs new/changed products, product rate-plans etc. What are the plans here? 


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