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Re: Contextual Help Links

Contextual Help Links

Hello All,


Is it possible to put help links with in the Zuora application which will take users to a relevant help topic (be it in knowledge center or custom help material).


For example in Salesforce we have help links under any tab. By default it takes users to help.salesforce.com but it can be overriden by creating a VF page with your own custom help material. In below screenshot, clicking the link will take user to help content for Products which can guide users how to create products, important fields to be filled in and so on.




Is it possible to do something similar in Zuora?


Thanks you!


Support SME

Hi @sumitbahukhandi , this is a great idea, thanks!


We will move this to our "Salesforce Ideas" board that is monitored by our Product Team, who are in charge of adding & enhancing features!

Valued Scholar

@Viktor Thanks for the prompt reply. I have one question. Why move it to Salesforce Ideas? Functionality I am requesting is in Zuora only and not in the Zuora's managed package for salesforce. Please ignore my lack of knowledge of communities as I am new to it. 🙂


Another question I have is around help text for separate fields at different sections. For some fields I see a question mark to the left of the field like below or a help text coming below the field (charge model for example).




Can we do this kind of setting for any OOB field or custom field in Zuora?


Thank you!






Zuora Alumni

@Viktor I believe the poster is asking this for core Zuora.  We already have this in Zuora Quotes.  Please move this to the ideas board for Core Zuora.

Support SME

Apologies @sumitbahukhandi got sidetracked by the screenshot 🙂 moving this to the Admin Ideas, thanks!

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

@sumitbahukhandi, understand what you're asking for. We'll look into adding more of these capabilities as we continue revisiting our UI's, currently, this would be a very large task to undertake, so we'll likely go at this piecemeal over time.

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Thanks @lukasz.