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Re: CRUD Callout by Object

CRUD Callout by Object

Currently, there are c for many events on important objects (let's take, for this example, invoices) that allow timely callouts to external systems. Unfortunately, the current callouts are very limited and prevent a good implementation of an external service being synced in an efficient way to Zuora as they are lacking update and delete event notifications. For important objects, one should be able to set a callout on update or delete, not just insert. Having an insert-only callout doesn't enable efficient integration as it requires the receiving service to make many, many unnecessary queries to keep in sync with Zuora as it will never otherwise know if an object has been altered or deleted.


Is that a realistic date this time?  You originally stated it would be LA last fall.


@lukasz: In order to notify our custom web service we currently utilize standard Z Callout notifications for various events. For Events such as create payment method, we have to query Zuora and update the Custom SOA which in turn updates our Web portal. 

We are expecting to utilize a Z Standard Callout to our Web service once the Payment method is created in Zuora.



@lukasz, Any updates on this yet? Are we still looking to have this feature released in June?

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Everyone, so I'm pleased to announce that we're officially in LA with this feature! If you're still interested, please create a Zuora Support ticket. In it, please detail out your specific use case and volume of notifications expected to be sent per day.


Looking forward to getting you feedback about the feature!