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Re: Allow getting Email Notification History via AQuA

Allow getting Email Notification History via AQuA

I am aware that you have an API that lets you get this data, but we have robust periodic job that uses AQuA to get delta/incremental data changes for 24+ objects to put in our cache to mirror Zuora.


How come we have to build a separate process or job to get the Notification Email History?  Can you please expose that Object via the AQuA API?



Newly Enrolled

in addition, the account id should be added as a unique identifier for these records.

Zuora Product Team

Thank you for the idea! We are currently assessing this feature request.



  • (Besides account ID), what other parameters would you want to retrieve this data by?   (i.e. email template id, event id)
  • How far back do you typically query? 
  • Any idea on size of volumes you are expected to have?


Appreciate any input you can proivde.

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If we did it via AQuA it would work like any other object as we'd get the data periodically by stateless incremental time date ranges on updatedDate.   If in AQuA we'd expect you to return any and all attributes that you have for this object include id (relational columns) that allow us to join to other objects.  We would put this data in our cache/grid and then we'd query it any way we'd like.