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bug on how the CreatedDate and UpdatedDate fields are associated to the RatePlanChargeTier object

Known Issue:

- One of our customers reported that when performing a query() against the RatePlanChargeTier object, they never get anything with an updated/created date greater than a specified date. When they take the date parameter off they get a file, and can see it grow, but when they add the date parameter on, they get nothing. It seems like the updated/created date is stuck on the said specific date.

- From further investigation, it seems like there is bug on how the CreatedDate and UpdatedDate fields are associated to RatePlanChargeTier object. For this specific customer, the CreatedDate and UpdatedDate fields of the RatePlanChargeTier is being pulled or mirrored from the dates of the ProductRatePlanChargeTier.

- The specific date parameter wherein the query() against the RatePlanChargeTier object has stuck is the date when the Product Catalog of the tenant has last been updated.

Status: Zuora Engineering is currently working to fix this issue.

Reference Number: DE7880


The recommended process is to perform a query() against the RatePlanCharge object. The reason behind this process is that the RatePlanChargeTier object is always part of RatePlanCharge object.

Here are some points to consider:

1. The RatePlanChargeTier object exists only on a subscription.
2. You cannot create a RatePlanChargeTier directly, but it is created as part of a subscription.
3. To create a RatePlanChargeTier:

a. Call subscribe().
b. Call amend() (version 29.0+ of the API) or create() (version 28.0 and earlier) when creating a New Product amendment.

- this creates a new RatePlanChargeTier object as part of the amended subscription.

In sense, when there is a new created/updated date on the RatePlanCharge object, the Tiers were also created/updated.

However, when performing this workaround, you would have to call 5 separate query() as the query for the RatePlanCharge object does not support a single query() the would contain all these fields:

a. DiscountAmount
b. DiscountPercentage
c. IncludedUnits
d. OveragePrice
e. Price

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