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Timestamps when using Export ZOQL

When viewing dates generated with an export ZOQL request, you should be aware of the following behavior:

  • The GMT offset accurately reflects the PDT offset of GMT-0700 during Daylights Savings Time. This only affects the GMT offset that is displayed; the actual time is NOT adjusted. Due to this, you will notice a 1 hour difference in times generated by Export ZOQL and any other method if the offset is applied to the times.
  • For example, a timestamp field with a value of 08:00:00 will display as 08:00:00-0700 in Export ZOQL and 08:00:00-0800 in the UI and the API during Daylights Saving Time

Note that this only affects the timestamps pulled from reports generated from the API using Export ZOQL. Reports generated from the UI and queries through the UI will have a PST offset of GMT-0800 at all times, per documentation.

We are currently working on a refactoring project around the handling of datetime fields within Zuora. The timezone issues will also be corrected as a part of this effort. This is expected to be completed within the next 1-2 quarters.


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