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Stateful Job Finder list via API

Is it possible to get a list of all the Stateful AQuA jobs (completed or otherwise) within the last 72 hours via the API? 


My concern is related to this post by another user. Let's say my ETL job on a stateful request fails - it's completed on Zuora's end, but on my end it's failed for some reason. If I'm not able to recover before the next stateful request executes for the same parameters, I won't be able to keep the data in sync on my end. If I were able to access past jobs via the API, then it'd be possible to recover I think, but my reading of the docs is that you only have access to the last completed job via the API.


So this would require me to keep track separately of job ids and their state on my end, so that I'd be able to recover from failed ETL jobs. This seems like it defeats the whole purpose of Zuora's stateful API. Unless I'm missing something. Thanks!

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