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Re: Response error codes


Response error codes



I'm using the /payment-methods/credit-cards endpoint, and I'm trying to simulate different validation errors related with credit cards. I tried a couple of different errors, but keep getting the same error code (52000060). According to the docs, this error is not even listed (object code range 200).


So I'm trying to understand why I'm not getting detailed errors like if I put in the wrong security code I should get object code 20006 instead of 20000.


Here's response example for wrong expiry date:

  "success" : false,
  "processId" : "FE149362226DD587",
  "reasons" : [ {
    "code" : 52000060,
    "message" : "Transaction declined.<br>Refused - Refused"
  } ]

But still get the same message for wrong security code.


Also I would like to know how could I test the credit card fraud test case? Are there any available card numbers to test these kind of cases?

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Re: Response error codes

Hi rogeriopvl,


I did a quick investigation on this issue and it turned out it's the payment gateway who declined the auth request and the error message is returned by the gateway. No detail was provided. In order to dig out the root cause, I suggest you submit a ticket at Zuora Global Support to let our support agents assist you to figure out the solution.


For your card testing cases, it really depends on the payment gateway you want to test. Please refer to Test Credit Card numbers posted on Community and the How do I test my gateway? article in KC for more information.


Hope it helps!