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Refund more than paid

When creating a refund it's said that "The amount can't exceed the amount of the associated payment."


But if I have an Ingenico ePayments gateway, where mentioned "For credit cards it's possible to make a refund for a higher amount than the originally paid amount. However, you need to bear the aforementioned constraints in mind, together with the possibility whether your credit card acquirer supports this "exceeding refund" possibility. Also, the Partial maintenance option needs to be activated on your account, so that you can change the original amount in the transaction overview."



So the question is if I can make a higher refund than originally paid with this particular gateway?

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Re: Refund more than paid

Hi @illarionovam,


Zuora does not allow for a refund to be more than the actual payment that was done.


So if the customer paid $10.00, then you can only make a full refund of $10.00 or a partial refund i.e. $7.15 for instance.


I understand that your Payment Gateway Ingenico ePayments might have this feature available for their customers, but within Zuora's system, this is not possible.


If you are trying to provide Credit to a customer, please have a look at the following article and let me know if that helps.



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