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Post Usage Against Preview Subscription

I'd like to get from a quote record in Salesforce to producing an estimated monthly revenue using the rate plans and charges on that quote.


The way I figured I could accomplish this is by creating a subscription preview using the API and somehow including an 'estimated' usage number. I can preview the subscription easily enough but I'm not sure how to include the usage. Can I create a usage record against a previewed subscription? Is there another way to go about getting to the same end result?


Ultimately, I can do the math myself in Salesforce, but I'd prefer to architect this so that we are leveraging Zuora. Rate plans and charges may changes over time, and we have examples of tiered and progressive charges which would be a headache to maintain supporting code for. Is there a recommended method to solve for this?


Re: Post Usage Against Preview Subscription

Hi @alex-cht


As far as I know, there is no API to preview subscribe with usage.
Previously I have looked for such API. At that time, I found the following Idea:

I believe that the content of this Idea states the same as the function you want.
It is Idea which was posted about two years ago, but if you vote it is more likely to be implemented Cat Happy




On the other hand, I do not have an alternative solution what you want.
Anyone have an idea?


Re: Post Usage Against Preview Subscription

Thanks for linking the Idea, @yamasaki1ma - I've added a vote. This would be a great feature to allow us to forecast Quote revenue using usage information that we already collect. The team at Zuora has indicated that there is some way to do this using the rules engine and we have a demo set up for the near future. My thought is that anything that can be done with the rules engine should also be exposed via API so I am hopeful something will come out of this that we can achieve via custom development.