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Not possible to retrieve RatePlanCharge



we created a rate plan with a rate plan charge to a subscription.

Now we want to retrieve it via SOAP API the way it is documented:


select Id from RatePlan where SubscriptionId = 'abc'

The result is an ID, e.g. 'xyz'



select Id from RatePlanCharge where RatePlanId = 'xyz'

The result is empty. We cannot retrieve the charge.


In front end we can see that there is in fact a charge attached to the subscription's rate plan, but we cannot even retrieve it via SOAP API querying by the 'C-....' charge number shown there.


We used this before already, and it worked.

Now it suddenly started to fail.


Was there something changed with the rate plan charge in your last release?

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Re: Not possible to retrieve RatePlanCharge

Hi @daniel85 could you send me a screenshot of the subscription via a private message, in a way that the charge details are opened and visible? I'd like to take a closer look at this.


Also, if you create a report or data source export (using similar filters) for the rateplancharge datasource, are you able to locate it that way?

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Re: Not possible to retrieve RatePlanCharge

Hello Viktor,

do you have any news about this or a follow up ticket?


We are faced to the same / similar issue and are able to reproduce it with the REST and SOAP API on Zuora production and sandbox envrionment!


Some more detials: We have subscriptions with a rate plan and every rate plan contains two rate plan charge. One of the rate plan charges has a charge model of type Flat Fee Pricing and the second one has the charge model Discount-Percentage, but only the rate plan charge of type Flat Fee Pricing are returned by the APIs.

If you want I can provide addtional information and example requests and responses.


Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Not possible to retrieve RatePlanCharge

Ok, we found the issue: It's not possible to request the *price* proterty for those rate plan charge objects with a Discount-Percentage.


See docs https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/G_SOAP_API/E1_SOAP_API_Object_Reference/RatePlanChar...

You cannot query this field with the following fields in a single query:


Unfortunately we have both types under the same rate plan!

The workaround is now that we split up one request into two seperate, which is far from ideal.