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[KNOWN ISSUE] HMAC request does not fail even when required field is not supplied

Issue: HMAC Signatures request does not fail even when required field is not supplied. 


For HMAC request, we need 2 stages API call. The first stage is to get the signature, the second stage is to file the real API call with the returned signature. 


Sample HMAC Signature request:

POST https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/v1/hmac-signatures

Content-Type: application/json
apiAccessKeyId: **
apiSecretAccessKey: ***

"method": "POST",
"uri": "https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/rest/v1/accounts" 


"signature": "NmU5OTdmYTU2OWNkNTMxZmExNDAwMGIzZThkODA2ZjkyZjYxZGUyOQ==",
"token": "fBnm4dtdszFzknUXV8UJtWr364nBFN5v",
"success": true

Note that <"name :"> field was not included in the body. Some fields will be required depending on the URI used.

Please reference this KnowledgeCenter article link for details.


As a result, the succeeding create account() call will fail when the generated signature and token are used.

Sample error received:

"code": 90000011,
"message": "Invalid signature."


Reference Number: ACS-4589


Status: Our engineers will be working to add validation for required fields when generating HMAC Signitures. There is no ETA for when this design change will be implemented.



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