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Idea for communication profile API

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Idea for communication profile API

A bit idea for communication profile API.


Communication profile API needs to enhanced so it can be better facilitate one zuora instance shared by multiple environment or project, also to support advanced devops process.


1. communication profile api to get single profile by name. currently, I have to get all and filter...

2. Delete communication profile via api. So if our pipeline drop an environment, we can cleanup zuora communication profile.

3. get multiple profiles filtering by name.

4. Fix the openapi specification. as get communication profile by id in generated sdk does not work. Add above recommended endpoints into openAPI spec.

5. Add get all communication profiles into open api spec.

6. Add modify communication profile into open API spec.


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Re: Have an Idea to Improve Zuora? Here’s What Our Product Team is Looking For

Hi @zhl841129,


This is a great idea! Let me move it to our API discussion forum so that the right team can look into it and follow up with more questions. You might also want to check out the API feedback form in the Developers Group as well as our teams monitor that.


Thanks for your input!



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