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How do I get a single invoice via API?

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How do I get a single invoice via API?

Hi everyone,
Thanks to the answer in this topic, I got all the invoices for an account, it's great.
But how do I get a single invoice by its ID or invoice number? Most API endpoints have both possibilities: either to list all entries or to get one by its ID or other significant key (like, for example, get an account by its ID or account number).
I didn't find anything like this in the Transactions API, and I'm reluctant to use ZoQL because the Rest structure (say, like in Transactions or Accounts API) seems much clearer and more concise.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: How do I get a single invoice via API?

After a long conversation with Zuora global support, I got the following result:
There is no solution for it so far, you can't get the same structure for a single invoice neither via Transactions API, nor via the Invoices API.

As suggested by Zuora support employee, I posted an idea to the Community. Please vote for it if you need the same thing as me:
Get single invoice via Rest API.