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HTTP 500 : Internal Server Error for /Order* endpoints

We are receiving Internal Server Error 500 for all /Order* endpoints when we try to describe the object.






Error response is not much helpful.

<p>We apologize. There has been an internal system error that prevents us from processing your request at this time.

        If you would like technical support, please email <a href=\"mailto:support@zuora.com\">support@zuora.com</a>.</p>

Zuora Staff

Re: HTTP 500 : Internal Server Error for /Order* endpoints



It seems like orders are not enabled on your tenant. 


This is easy to determine. In your browser, please go to the corresponding /apps/api/describe/ URL

for example:  https://apisandbox.zuora.com/apps/api/describe/?format=html&context=export


If you do not see "Order objects" listed, then this means that Orders have not been enabled in your Tenant. 


For example, the tenant below has Orders enabled, so the objects appear at the base describe.

Describe with Orders


 ORDERS are NOT enabled in the Tenant in the image below. 


Describe no orders