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Re: Add Product via REST API

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Add Product via REST API

I am trying to add a product via the REST API.


 I was doing a POST to https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/v1/object/product  with the following payload


  "SKU": "C39DD268-9ADA-423D-B02F-670D61608F75",
  "Name": "Test Product",
  "Description": "Test Product",
  "EffectiveStartDate": "2016-01-01",
  "EffectiveEndDate": "2036-01-01"

 but only occasionally do I get a successful response with the productId.    Most of the time I get 400 Bad Request and message: "An unexpected error occurred"


Thanks for any help you can give!



Re: Add Product via REST API

Hi @marymunsell


Your word "occasionally" caught me.


Have you specified the Content-Type in the request header as "application/json"?
For Postman, set this way:



When I was not specifying this, I have experienced that it may succeed or fail if I request with the same content.

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Re: Add Product via REST API

Hmm, I am pretty sure I had that set to application/json.      Even though I was including the credentials in the header, it seemed to work consistently when I made a call to "/connections" first.   So that was my solution for now 🙂


Thanks for your input!