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[AQUA] Existing AQuA Query Failure

Zuora Staff

[AQUA] Existing AQuA Query Failure

Problem Statement: The exact same query that was used in the AQuA call works perfectly fine in a standard call. This used to work and stopped working suddenly, do you have any insights?

Solution: The reason the query failed is because one of the fields used in it has been deprecated in the new WSDL.


  • Option 1: By specify the API version, the call will always work
  "FORMAT": "CSV",
  "VERSION": "1.2",
  "NAME": "TEST",
  "QUERIES": [
      "APIVERSION": "72.0",
      "NAME": "AMENDMENT",
      "TYPE": "ZOQL",
      "DELETED": {
        "COLUMN": "DELETED",
        "FORMAT": "NUMERIC"


  • Option 2: Refer to the Knowledge Center article below for list of deprecated fields:

Supporting Documentation: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/BC_Developers/SOAP_API/X_Deprecated_SOAP_API_items

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