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How to convert the file extension to txt in Reports?

RevPro Support

How to convert the file extension to txt in Reports?

There is a feature available in RevPro to download the report in the .txt format. Please follow the below steps to change the report download file format. 


  • Navigate to Setups >> Application from the main menu.


  • Click the > symbol on the right top corner to access the menu items and select Profile from the list.



  • Click filter to quickly search the profile name.




  • Under the Name column, provide the profile name FILE_EXTENSTION to search




  • Click edit option at the right end of the profile.



  • Change the system level value, by selecting the txt from the drop-down list.



  • Finally click the save icon.
  • When downloading the reports, the file output will be in txt.

Note: This is system level profile so all the report will be downloaded in the txt format once the profile value is changes. There is no option in the system to enable the txt for specific report.




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