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Ext Sell Price Overstated in the SO line

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Ext Sell Price Overstated in the SO line

Question: Sales order line loaded into RevPro with Ext Sell Price as $1000 but the amount is getting doubled up in the base table/RC workbench. Why?


Answer: This happens when overstated invoice loaded into RevPro. Per design, the system updates the line's Ext Sell Price when invoice(s) having Ext Sell Price more than the SO line's. It is controlled based on the ALLOW_OVERSTATED_INVOICE profile.


  • If this profile is enabled, then the system allows the overstated invoice(s) and updates the SO line's Ext Sell Price.
  • If this profile is disabled, then the system does not allow the overstated invoice(s). If loaded those invoices will error out in the stage with an error message “SELL PRICE IS OVERSTATED.Order qty IS OVERSTATED”.

Navigate to Setup >> Application >> Profile. In the resulting screen, search for profile name ALLOW_OVERSTATED_INVOICE.


Overstated Inv.png


For Example,

  • Initially SO collected into RevPro with an Ext Sell Price of $1000.
  • Later, invoice Loaded into RevPro with an Ext Sell Price of $1500. Below is the system behavior when the profile is enabled/disabled.

Overstated Invoice2.png


  • The system collects the overstated invoice into RevPro and updates the SO Line's Ext Sell Price to $1500 if ALLOW_OVERSTATED_PROFILE is enabled.
  • Invoice line(s) will error out in the stage with the message “SELL PRICE IS OVERSTATED.Order qty IS OVERSTATED” if the ALLOW_OVERSTATED_INVOICE is disabled.

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