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Strange values populating on a quote template

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Strange values populating on a quote template



Strange values populated on a quote template.
I made updates to a quote template, and I am finding that there are strange values repeating theirselves on the quote template once generated.
I have attached the generated document and the template.
The template in production in question is called TESTING. When generating, the discount amount repeats itself below the quote notes on the second page. The test before that, it generated directly below the group of if fields.




Further checked on the customer's template, found the below things:


In the provided template, there were 3 merge fields in which all were the same.

204219 - Quote template.JPG


When checked in the customer's SFDC org, for the particular quote and "zqu__Previewed_Discount__c" is -100 and this is printing thrice in the template which is expected.


204219 - Quote template 2.JPG


Once the customer deleted the duplicate mergefields, the value is printed only once and the issue is resolved.

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