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Quote error - "No quote has been sent to Zuora for this Billing Account."



We are seeing an error on a salesforce quote. This appears when we hit the Update Zuora Account Details button. Here is the error we are seeing:

Our user is unable to update anything on this section. Can you please help unblock us here. Thank you.





"Update Zuora Account Details” uses an update call to update the account information in a Zuora tenant. If there is No existing billing account in Zuora, then it gives this error. 


The customer's quote is created for a new billing account and a new subscription quote. Usually, this error occurs when the Zuora Account ID in the Quote is BLANK.


When checked in the provided quote, I can see there was no value in it. Subscription in Zuora is created on the 1st of June. The quote record is last modified on the 5th of November. There is a chance someone manually deleted the values and now the error has occurred.


Once the Billing Account ID(Zuora Account ID in Quote) is populated manually, the error disappeared when clicking on the "Update Zuora Account Details” button.


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