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Progress bar is not work in new Z_Quote

In Z_Quote of Z4SF, the error happen when I click below link as  '2 Provide Quote, Account, and Subscription Term Details '  and '3 Choose Products and Charges'.

I know that I shold choose account and click next button at first.
However these error is not goog for end user.
I am expecting that these link is not able to be click by user.


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Re: Progress bar is not work in new Z_Quote

With our current Product design, the available option to restrict user from clicking the Link "Provide Quote, Account, and Subscription Term Details" is to uncheck the Display Progress Bar option in Quote Wizard page.
The user, however, will still be able to click on the 'Next' button and the error will be thrown on the same page. 


Would you please please log the enhancement request in the following IDEAS section of our community: 


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