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Lock a Quote once Paid

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Lock a Quote once Paid

We have a field called "Quote_Status__c" that has various status of the quote as it processes. I'd like to restrict products being added/deleted from the quote ones the quote hits a "PAID" status. 
A validation rule does not stop products from being deleted against the quote; the apex still removes the products THEN the validation rule fires; but the product is already removed. 
How can I configure this in Salesforce/Zuora?


Re: Lock a Quote once Paid

When the status is "Paid" is it users who are adding products to the quote that's causing the problem?  If so, creating a new record type for the quote when it goes to "Paid" status and then the Page Layout that's associated to that record type would not have the Select Product button available.


i understand that's not a solution to your validation rule, but it would prevent users from modifying the products if that's the source of the problem.