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HPM error when using Lightning Quote flow


Has anybody else used HPM with the ZQuote Wizard with Lightning?


We added a page to the ZQuote Wizard that captures a payment method after selecting the products. Instead of seeing the HPM page, an error is displayed.

No issues seeing the HPM page when using SF Classic UI.  Also a separate, non-iframed page, that uses the same code, displays the HPM without issue.


hpm error.png




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Re: HPM error when using Lightning Quote flow

Hi Fred


I could see that you have created a ticket for the same issue. I have further updated through the same


To close the loop, I would like to inform you that with lightning enabled, this is a known issue where you cannot embed the Hosted Payment Pages in the Quote Wizard flow.


It's an issue with how Lightning re-directs pages that are used within a Visualforce composition. So it works in the standalone page, but not within the Quote Wizard. This issue has been considered for future implementation


As a workaround, please use the "New Payment method" button on the Quote detail page to enter payment details



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