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Erron when trying to sync Bundled Product from Salsforce to Zuora

Question :  

Unable to successfully sync newly created Product from SFDC to Zuora. Getting an error in the Charge Record as follows :  

zObject:[Id=null, arrayfields={}, fields={Code=INVALID_VALUE, 
Message=Invalid value for field RevRecCode: 2500 - Deferred Revenue,
Recurring}, ztype=Error]


The Revenue Recognition Code is not defined in Zuora thus the error had occurred.

The same picklist value defined in the Revenue Recognition Code in Salesforce  zqu__RevRecCode2__c needs to be defined in Zuora end as well.

Please find the Knowledge Article on how to create a Revenue Recognition Code in Zuora :



Additionally please make sure the Spelling and spaces between the Value specified should be the same else it can result in the following error as mentioned above.