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Adding a product to a quote with Salesforce WSDL

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New Student

Adding a product to a quote with Salesforce WSDL

I am trying to create a Quote and then add a product to it based off of the Zuora for Salesforce object model diagram. I am using the Salesforce Enterprise WSDL for my org.


So far I am doing the following:


  • Creating a Salesforce account
  • Adding a Salesforce contact to the account
  • Adding an opportunity linked to the account and contact
  • Creating a Zqu__Quote__c with a subscription type of 'New Subscripton
  • Creating a Zqu__QuoteAmendment__c linked to the quote
  • Creating a Zqu__QuoteRatePlan__c linked to the amendment - this has a product rate plan and product rate plan zuora id fields set

When I go to view the quote in Salesforce the following exception appears:


"Cannot build metric objects for the following amendment type: NewProduct"


Please advise how I should be doing this, which other SObjects should I be creating as I assume I am missing something here?

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Re: Adding a product to a quote with Salesforce WSDL

@jn could you please PM me the SF ORG and URL to the quote where the error message is being displayed. I can capture the debug log and provide you further details on same.

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