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Zuora KPIs

Hello Zuora Admins - What are some KPIs you've put together for management or you believe should be standard for Zuora Admins to build?



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Re: Zuora KPIs


I am reworking on my company's monthly/ quarterly/ yearly reports. Will definitely share my experiences. Let's try to get mor admins here to share!


Definitely the main performance indicators which we defined are important for us :

New subscriptions/ accounts

Number of cancellations (CHURN)

Variation in MRR

Breakdown of most sold products / rateplans

Amounts invoiced/ Amounts paid


The reportingn in Zuora offers a lot of possibilities but it is also very complex and sometimes numbers don't always seem right nor make sense, so there is a lot of learning by doing.


But we could use this thread as a means to share "default" reports. Do you have any KPIs you think are vital, and any reports you created you could share?


I will share once I finalized mine and am sure the numbers come out right.