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Zuora UI Import Tools - Where can i find existing documentation the import tool?

Hi team,


I am working with a client who is exploring the import tool that is available in the UI to perform their data migration. I wasn't able to find much documentation on it, no one seems to have enough knowledge on this tool. The tool worked for some simple use cases, but I was wondering where I can find some more details and limitations of this tool?  And why do we normally don't recommend clients to use this? What are some issues clients who used this has had in the past?


Import Function on Zuora Customer Account UI:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.42.57 PM.png


Import Function(Mass Order Entry) on Zuora Subscription UI:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.43.02 PM.png

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Re: Zuora UI Import Tools - Where can i find existing documentation the import tool?

The Account import UI tool is documented here:


Some limits are discussed on this page:


I think these KC pages cover Mass Order Entry in a detailed manner (again includes information on limits):




Both tools provide sample files, though due to being csv files it can take a little time to get the files prepped properly, a missing comma causes havoc.


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Re: Zuora UI Import Tools - Where can i find existing documentation the import tool?

Some additional caveats to the Mass Order Entry tool (either undocumented or not obvious from skimming the documentation again):


1. If the the time Zuora requires to process the upload is longer than the page timeout, you will not see a success or failure notification. The successful updates will eventually pop into existence, and the unsuccessful updates will not. Upload in small batches or use the API.


2. If the same charge (product+tier) appears more than once on a subscription then the Mass Order Entry tool will not amend that charge. It will, however, allow you to put the same charge on a subscription multiple times when creating a new subscription with MOE.