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Upgrade number of seats

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Upgrade number of seats

Hi all, 


Currently, when one of our customers wants to purchase more seats, he is able to do so and the billing for these seats is relatively until the end of his old subscription.

i.e I purchased 2 seats in January for 12 month and additional seat in March. The upgrade in March will be billed for a period of 9 months (until the end of the old subscription).


What we would like to have is the option to change it – we would like to have the option to force the upgrade to be for a period of 12 months regardless of the old subscription. Is it possible to do it in your system?



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Zuora Alumni

Re: Upgrade number of seats

 Hi Rolloron,


You can not take the existing subscription and have it renew twice in a 12 month period, for a quantity of 2 in January, and then renew for a quantity of 1 in March.  Once the subscription quantity was changed to 3, that is the quantity that would update in January when the subscription renewed.  


You could add the product quantity in March to the existing susbscription and let it bill for the remaining months of the contract and when the subscription renews in January the new quantity would be for 3 for next 12 months.


Or you can create a new subscription for the additional 1 seat, that would be for the new 12 month term, that would renew every March. 


I hope this response was helpful!

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