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Unknown payment error

We tried to charge or customer in the 12/24/2015 we have the payment on hold because of this message.

whicj one are our options to unhold this payment and then try it again.


Error: Payment is on hold because proper confirmation was not received from the gateway.

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Zuora Staff

Re: Unknown payment error


Thank you for contacting Zuora Global Support. I'll need to look into your request a little more, so let me reach out to you privately to get more information regarding your account.



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Zuora Alumni

Re: Unknown payment error

Hi---this error happens every so often when there is a connection issue between Zuora and the payment gateway. This connection can be on either vendor's side, so this is the recommended approach to solve this problem. 


1) The error you initially receive is to contact Zuora Support. That response is in place so that if you encounter this error, you can be given the correct next steps in the process. The next steps are listed below and can save you the time of contacting support first. 

2) Contact your payment gateway, (ie. Authorize.net, Cybersource, etc.) and find out if the payment was actually processed or not processed. 

3) Once you have been given the status of the payment from the gateway, then contact Zuora Support. 

4) Provide Zuora Support with the payment number and the status of the payment the gateway gave you. 

5) Zuora Support will then update the payment to either "processed" or "error" depending on the status the gateway gave to you. 


This issue doesn't happen very often, but when it does, these steps will help ensure a quick resolution.