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Splitting an annual Invoice into monthly, semi-annual and quarterly Charged Invoice.



This is a little tricky situation that we are facing.

We have a huge Milestone year Billing Annual charge, depending on the custommer preference, we will be billing them in an Annual, Semi-annual or quarterly Invoice, these price charges are flowing in from Netsuite after dividing them with respect to their term period prefered by the custommer.

The problem we are facing here is that, if the annual charge is $2400p.a., this allows equal division of the amount(monthly Term selected by the custommer- $200 per month to be paid), causing us no problems, but if it is $2000p.a., then we are facing the rounding issue for per month invoice.($166.67 per month, still not ammounting to $2000 at the end of the year)


How can we overcome this?