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Quote with multiple locations

How would you associate multiple products each with a different physical location within one quote that all roll up to one billing account?


Billing Account

  Product A - Location 1

  Product A - Location 2



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Re: Quote with multiple locations

Can you clarify what you mean when you say a product associated with a physical location? 

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Re: Quote with multiple locations

Our products are in the form of fixed assets that are installed at a customer's physical location.  For example, ABC Company headquarters is located 123 Main street where a product is installed.  They also have products installed at 2 additonal locations, 555 1st Aveneue and 932 5th Avenue which need to be billed to the 123 Main Street headquarters.  All quoting examples that I've found utilizing SFDC and Z-quotes are one-to-one relationships.  I'm searching for best practices on how to generate a quote via SFDC to accomodate this one-to-many relationshp.


Re: Quote with multiple locations

If the subscription is actually owned by and paid by a single customer (ABC Company) then the locations are simply notations. You could do this by specifying a "Location" custom field on the Subscription Rate Plan. That way when you are quoting or invoicing, you could show the location for the line items.