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Percentage Discount

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Percentage Discount

We bill in advance for a subscription amount and arrears for usage.  What's the best way to add an account level discount percentage to the advance portion and arrears usage which uses dates from the prior month.  If i add a Discount product for the current month it only discounts charges with effective dates during current month, not usage from prior.

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Re: Percentage Discount

Hi @kbickers, the trick is to set up the Effective Dates keeping in mind that you're invoicing the usages in arrears.


In my example, my subscription starts on 03/01/2017, and I want the 50% discount to kick in for every charge from exactly the 1st of May - so when I'm creating the new product amendment, I set the effective dates to 05/01/2017.


When previewing the subscription, I can see that my 3rd invoice covers 05/01/2017-05/31/2017 for the recurring charge that's billed in advance, but includes the usage charge for the previous period 04/01/2017-04/30/2017 as expected.


In this scenario, the discount will only apply to the recurring charge of my subscription on this specific invoice, as the discount is not yet effective before 05/01/2017.




However if you're going for applying a discount to the Recurring charge specifically from 05/01, and you still want to apply the discount to the Usage from 04/01, that needs to be handled in two separate discounts, this scenario is not possible using a single account-level one.


Let me know if you have further questions!

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