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Edit or Amend a Pending Subscription?


Edit or Amend a Pending Subscription?

Our current process is that for service subscriptions we create pending subscriptions upon sale, then later (sometimes months later) a service subscription gets activated through an integration process.


Our service subscriptions were supposed to be setup as Termed (12/24/36 months) renewing automatically to evergreen.  However, due to some bad code, the flags for autorenewal and renew to evergreen were not set properly for a long period of time and sales.


For the subscriptions that are active, it's easy for me to correct by doing amendments to the T&Cs and setting those properly.  However for the subscriptions that are still pending, it seems I cannot touch them until active.  This means we're going to have to monitor these hundreds of subscriptions for activation so we can correct them once they start billing.  


Is there anyway to update those two flags on Pending Activation subscriptions before they actually become active?



Re: Edit or Amend a Pending Subscription?

Hello nlittlefield, I am wondering if this is something that can be done through an API or mass update.You may want to open a support ticket to inquire about the best option to go about it.  I will have to follow this post to see what happens 🙂


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Re: Edit or Amend a Pending Subscription?

The short answer is no; once the subscription is in a pending state, you cannot edit it either in the UI or API until it is activated aside from putting the additional dates in to make it active (e.g. service activation, customer acceptance).


What I've seen some customers do is to leave it in a draft state but when you create the subscription, populate the term start date field. This allows you to capture the date it was created at the onset and also allows you to use one of the callouts. Once the term start date field is populated, you can use the 'key dates' callout when you set the key date to term start date.


Then down the line when you are ready to activate the subscription, you can use the 'new subscription created' callout.


The only catch to the method is that sales will not be able to 'amend' the subscription via Salesforce during the draft period. It would have to either be manually edited in the UI, via the API, or you'd have to delete the subscription from Zuora to allow edits in Salesforce again.


From what I've seen thus far, the new orders object circumvents some of this pain; however, it's in EAP and only available to a handful of customers.